Maximise the reach of your positive news. Use our new interactive timeline.

Jersey Finance has launched a new interactive timeline – a unique way of displaying milestones we are proud of that set us apart from other IFCs. From record-breaking deals to Jersey-firsts, we want to showcase the positive work that takes place in or relates to Jersey.

Our interactive timeline will showcase Jersey Finance and Member achievements throughout the year, telling the world we are proud to represent Jersey. You can display Vimeo videos and publish sound recordings (such as radio interviews, clips or podcasts) and photos.

Jersey Finance will promote the timeline content throughout the year via social media, media placements and third party channels – positioning Jersey as a forward-thinking IFC. You can link to timeline content in your internal and external communications.

Start submitting your content.

Please note that not all Members news will be published on the timeline, and it does not replace our regular Members News and Community News sections of our website. Jersey Finance will review all timeline content before publishing.

Read the step by step guide on adding content to the interactive timeline.