Owen and Karolina chat about the research project that Cebr undertook to understand the contribution of Jersey’s financial services sector to global value chains. They discuss what the project involved and what it revealed, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Jersey’s prospects for the future.

Cebr’s report ‘Jersey’s Contribution to Global Value Chains’ was commissioned by Jersey Finance to understand Jersey’s global economic footprint. When it was launched, Joe Moynihan, Chief Executive at Jersey Finance, explained:

“Capital is pooled in Jersey and subsequently redistributed through value chains. This redistributed capital is utilised worldwide, generating further real economic activity, translating to employment opportunities and wage payments for individuals. Jersey plays a critical role as a facilitator of this economic activity – it improves the ease with which capital can circumnavigate the global economy.”

The research was carried out in 2020-2021, with assistance and data provision from Jersey’s financial services firms, namely banks, funds and trust companies.

You can access the podcast here.

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