KPMG in the Channel Islands adds to expertise with the appointment of a Senior Restructuring Advisor in the Advisory department.

Chris Norman has joined the team in Jersey and his appointment comes with a diverse background of knowledge and experience, stemming from various executive and management roles within the insolvency and advisory industry.

As an ICAEW licensed insolvency practitioner, Mr Norman over the years has taken a vast number of appointments as an Administrator and Liquidator of financially distressed corporate entities in the UK. He has experience acting as a Trustee in Bankruptcy of individual insolvent persons, and has also acted as a Receiver of commercial properties owned and charged by financially distressed individual persons and corporate entities, under the provisions of the UK Law of Property Act 1925.

Mr Norman is considered an expert in his field and has been paramount in advising banks and other secured lenders on their present and projected exposure risk in relation to financially distressed corporate and individual borrowers, and on the lenders’ available recovery options and strategies.

Mr Norman has also managed members’ voluntary liquidation procedures for various solvent companies, where his responsibilities ensure an orderly, definitive and tax-efficient return of capital to shareholders. He has provided key presentations on insolvency and restructuring topics to professional services firms, banks, university students and ICAEW technical conferences.

In addition to his formal insolvency work in 2015, Mr Norman worked as an insolvency case manager in the Professional Standards Office at the ICAEW, where he was responsible for assessing and investigating complaints made by stakeholders against insolvency practitioners licensed by the ICAEW.

As a result of his experience, Mr Norman has strong investigative and forensic skills, and an extensive knowledge in the preparation of statutory investigation reports for the UK authorities that focus on conduct issues regarding formal and de facto directors and officers of insolvent corporate entities. He has also worked closely with those authorities in relation to disqualification proceedings instigated by the Secretary of State against delinquent officers.

Mr Norman will provide advice, insight and support to Channel Island clients on all matters in relation to financial distress and formal corporate and individual insolvency proceedings, in both the financial and non-financial sectors. He will also be responsible for undertaking independent investigative reviews as part of disputes or contentious matters.

Mr Norman has moved to Jersey from Milton Keynes. Outside of work he enjoys listening to and playing music, reading and jogging.

Linda Johnson, Advisory Director, KPMG in the Channel Islands, says:

‘Today’s challenging financial environment has the potential to create many complex problems that can impact an array of companies and their value. At KPMG, it is our priority to provide financial security and stability through strategic restructuring and advisory services. Chris’ rich knowledge is an asset to these services and means that the highest level of expertise is available to our clients at all times.

Having worked with entities operating in the finance, leisure and hospitality, wholesale and retail, construction and manufacturing enterprise sectors, the diversity of Chris’ skill set will be valuable to our varied clients whose work spans across all industries. He will be invaluable in elevating the range and depth of advisory services offered to the Channel Islands’ professional and financial services arena.’