In this thought leadership piece, Rufaro discusses how the empowerment of women positively impacts economic development, competition and job creation in South Africa. As discussed at our first ever Perspectives: Women in Leadership event in Johannesburg, attended exclusively by women, Rufaro explores why entrepreneurship and start-ups are increasingly popular in South Africa and how women can use this route to raise capital and access new markets. Touching on the gender gap in the private equity and venture capital industry, this article explores how this relates to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Rufaro reflects on the long-standing relationship between Jersey and South Africa and why many South Africans are moving to the Island. Delving into the common interest between South African high-net worth individuals (HNWIs), Rufaro discusses why Jersey is a jurisdiction of choice for South Africans and how the Island’s flexible structures, such as trusts and foundations, compliment client objectives.

In anticipation of the upcoming Jersey Finance: South Africa Roadshow, Rufaro Mucheka explores how international finance centres, like Jersey, are facilitating access to funds for South Africans and subsequently supporting inclusive growth. This article analyses how political and economical stability and certainty offers high net-worth families the opportunity to bolster and diversify investment portfolios and benefit from a broader, global universe beyond what the South African market offers.


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A thought leadership written by Dr Rufaro Mucheka, Business Development Consultant, Jersey Finance.

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