2021 marks the tenth anniversary since The Georgian House at 16 New Street first opened its doors to the public. To celebrate, The National Trust for Jersey is hosting the Glorious Georgians Festival featuring special events across the year.

Sponsored by Ogier, the festival will explore four themes:
• The Gourmet Georgians will present a taste of the era’s food and drink during May and June.
• The Gorgeous Georgians will unveil a look at the era’s fine art, fashion and entertainment during July and August.
• The Gruesome Georgians will delve into the era’s justice system and medicine during September and October.
• The Festive Georgians will celebrate the era’s festivities during November and December.

Ed Mackereth, Ogier’s Global Managing Partner, said: “What often springs to mind when thinking of the Georgian period is William Wordsworth and Jane Austen, perhaps the Battle of Jersey, Trafalgar or Waterloo, or even the British Empire and the start of the industrial revolution. But there was much more to the period than these iconic people and events. Education is at the heart of our corporate social responsibility initiatives and, as part of this, we’re delighted to help The National Trust for Jersey shine a light on this period of history, and particularly what life was like on the island.”

On the 4 June, to celebrate the end of half term but only the beginning of this festival, a special children’s event will take place at 16 New Street: Meet the Glorious Georgians.

Families will be able to step back in time and enjoy an immersive tour of The Georgian House with the Journeaux family and their servants. Focusing on food and drink, visitors will discover what people ate in the 18th century, where food came from, and how Jersey’s middle classes developed a taste for all things “new” and “exotic” as the British Empire expanded.

Meet the Glorious Georgians will run from 10am – 4pm, and costs £5 per family for National Trust members and £10 per family for non-members.

For more information on the Glorious Georgians Festival, including the various talks, tours and events across the year, visit: www.nationaltrust.je.