Following a meeting of all interested parties yesterday Ogier Jersey are pleased to announce that the Q Safe Taxi Marshall scheme at The Weighbridge, St Helier will continue for the foreseeable future as Ogier will sponsor the scheme throughout April. Ogier’s support enables continuity of the scheme whilst the details of a new agreement are put in place by local businesses, the Taxi Drivers Association, the Parish of St Helier with assistance from other parishes and the Home Affairs Department.

The Q Safe Taxi Marshall’s supervise late night queues for taxis at The Weighbridge and help people get home safely. The scheme is run by the Safer St Helier Group.

Ogier partner, Simon Willing said “it is a valuable service and provides a safe and efficient way for members of the public to travel home at the busy weekend evening periods. We are delighted to support the scheme which has helped to reduce crime by 64% over the last two years.”

Colin Russell, Chairman of the Safer St. Helier Group said “I am relieved that we now have a way forward and can continue with the Taxi Marshalls’ service for the long term. A lot of work has gone in to making this valuable scheme successful and it would have been a great shame to have ceased operations. I to would like to thank all of our partners for their continued support and look forward to working with everybody in the future.