Ogier Corporate Finance Limited remains the leading sponsor of listings on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange (CISX) as at 30 June 2010.

The firm has listed a total of 394 issuers which equates to a market share of 16.23% of all entities listed and remaining listed on the Exchange since its inception in 1998. Ogier has consistently been the leading sponsor firm on this Exchange in recent years and in the first half of 2010, listed 42 issuers comprising 34 SPVs, five bond issuers, two open-ended investment funds and one equity listing. Of the combined bond and SPV sectors which comprise the specialist securities category on the Exchange, Ogier holds a 33.5% market share, having sponsored 363 of the total 1083 listed entities. This is a significantly higher share than any other listing agent and is assisted by Ogier’s profile as a trusted structured finance advisory firm.

Chris Byrne, Partner of Ogier said: "The Channel Islands Stock Exchange is often the exchange of choice for our clients. It continues to attract international recognition and has helped put Jersey and Guernsey firmly on the map as premier offshore financial centres. As a founder member of the CISX, it is pleasing to see we are playing such a large part in the continuing success of the Exchange.”