Pamela Pitcher Launches Sentinel Protector Limited (‘SPL), a new professional Trust Protector Company based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Pam is an award-winning executive with more than 20 years’ experience in the financial industry. Prior to forming SPL she specialized in international financial planning for high net-worth, multi-jurisdictional families utilizing international trusts. In working with these families, they often had no one suitable to act as their trust protector and finding one proved difficult; therein lies the genesis of Sentinel Protector Limited. Pamela, together with her Advisory Board, brings more than 50 years’ of combined trust experience to the office of trust protector.

The mandate of a protector is to serve as a watcher and safeguard over the
actions of the trustee in order to protect the interests of the trust’s beneficiaries. It is an important role when the trustee is located in another jurisdiction from the beneficiaries by providing them with comfort in the knowledge that their interests are being dually taken care of by both their trustee and protector.

Ms. Pitcher says, “SPL can be an effective solution to monitor trustees of international trusts if no other suitable protector can be found. We have no interest in the trust property and are therefore able to act with impartiality
and sound judgment when carrying out the duties of the office.”

With trust protector-related litigation on the increase, having a
professional trust protector can avoid family disputes and/or costly
litigation in the future. For further information, please visit