We are delighted to announce our launch. After months of designing, testing, and confirming client suitability, the Phundex platform is now live.

Phundex is the platform that streamlines transactions, processes and data management across the investment lifecycle.

Phundex has been designed by people with years of experience in the financial services industry across the globe. We know the needs and importantly the pain points of investment management and the challenges of accelerating from ideation to solution.

Phundex supports users from origination, through administration for the entire investment cycle, 24/7.

Phundex creates pathways for coordinating transaction management and due diligence across all clients and stakeholders, with the ability to pull basic company information directly into your transaction and process data fields at any time during a transaction process to protect your business.

“End-to-end financial processes can be extremely labour intensive,” observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer and financial services leader with extensive experience transforming organizations globally. “Phundex offers stress-free pathways eradicating the chaos and the clutter”.

Working with our technology partners DB Results, we’ve created a platform with all of the data and cyber security you expect in financial services, together with automatic data and user permissioning, version control and audit history.