Phundex is delighted to announce that we are now Live! We are launching our Phundex Platform today at the Jersey Finance Fintech Demo Dy – an in-person event for the Jersey Finance community.

Engineered by global technology business DB Results and its UK-based founders, Phundex is a cutting-edge investment lifecycle management platform that is set to rocket through fintech space at lightning speed after launching this month.

Based on years of experience, Phundex simplifies investment administration and transaction management by streamlining processes, to a centralised location, dramatically reducing time, complexity and costs through better connectivity and collaboration.

Phundex serves start-ups; fund managers; professional services; trust administrators; funds; family offices; innovation incubators; educational facilities and many other businesses.

Phundex is the platform that streamlines transactions, processes and data management across the investment lifecycle.

Phundex creates pathways for coordinating transaction management and due diligence across all clients and stakeholders. Phundex template pathways give you best practice solutions to streamlining and standardizing the way you do business.

“End-to-end financial processes can be extremely labour intensive,” observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer and financial services leader with extensive experience transforming organizations globally. “Phundex offers stress-free pathways eradicating the chaos and the clutter”.

“There is no other solution in the market that provides the end-to-end capability offered by Phundex. It manages processes and transactions as well as access to the data and documents required for a broad range of stakeholders, enabling streamlining and more efficient internal and external reporting,” says Andrew Dean, CEO at DB Results.