In a Group-wide initiative, staff were invited to donate an hour, or more, of their March salary to the appeal, with any donations being matched by the Group.

The total has been donated to Jersey-based Side By Side, which provides humanitarian assistance to people in the wake of major emergencies and natural disasters around the world and is currently supporting the Bailiff of Jersey’s Ukraine Appeal in partnership with Jersey Overseas Aid.

The funds will help people fleeing their homes to have access to water, food, shelter and first aid as well as supporting vital infrastructure and emergency services, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

PraxisIFM CEO Rob Fearis said, “The situation going on in Ukraine right now is heart-breaking. You can’t help but relate it to your own life and how it must feel to have your home, livelihood, life and family under attack. We were desperate to help in some way and clearly a lot of our staff were too, who were very generous in their donations.”