One of Jersey’s most respected education professionals and a leading recruitment specialist have combined their skills to launch a ground-breaking service that will play a key role in the development of a more highly skilled workforce for the island. Bob Cook, former headmaster at Victoria College and Rosy Dessain, Managing Director of Thomas & Dessain, have formed 1- 2- 1 Mentoring, a service aimed at helping people of all ages achieve their academic and professional aspirations.
1-2-1 Mentoring offers targeted, effective and valuable guidance to ensure that clients attain the standards and results necessary to give them the best opportunities, whether they are about to leave school or are already following a specific career path. There are two key groups that will benefit: students and professional people.

Bob Cook will manage the academic service designed for students: ‘The demands on students who are in their A Level year, or who are applying for university, are increasing all the time. What we aim to do is to help them by giving them both the academic skills and the confidence to perform at their very best level’, said Mr Cook. ‘As well as helping them to achieve the grades they need, we can assist with their personal skills, including their interview technique, which is becoming increasingly important for university applicants.’

All of the mentors selected to work with students are vetted and sessions take place in the secure offices of Thomas & Dessain in Hill Street. Mentors are selected from a range of skills, including professional academics and talented former students who will be able to relate closely to the needs of their clients.
Rosy Dessain, one of the Island’s most respected executive recruitment specialists, will lead the programme for those who are already on their career ladder. Commenting on the need for mentoring, Ms Dessain said: ‘The regulatory authorities, professional standards bodies and employers all require higher skill levels and qualifications in today’s competitive market place. It is not always possible, or appropriate, for people working in the professional services industry to attend classroom-type tuition courses. We are able to match the right mentors with clients to ensure they develop in a confidential, flexible and tailored environment.’
1-2-1 Mentoring from Thomas & Dessain is not based on the traditional business school model but is designed to provide an alternative, individual service using a pool of exceptional mentors. Using video conferencing technology, clients will also be able to receive guidance and support from mentors based in other jurisdictions, bringing a wider perspective to the skills they learn