After launching the RBC Green Grants Fund earlier this year, RBC Wealth Management has awarded five local environmental good causes £500 each, to help with specific ecological projects across the Island. RBC took the decision to set up the RBC Green Grants, as an addition to its main local charitable donations fund, to support meaningful and important environmental projects in the Island. Those projects benefitting from the RBC Green Grants are:

  • National Trust for Jersey – creating wetlands and ponds in schools and green spaces around the island
  • Annyctalus Ecology – carry out a study of bat swarming and hibernation to gain better understanding of the Island’s bat population
  • Hedgehog campaign – produce awareness literature to minimise injury to the Island’s hedgehog population through the use of strimmers
  • Wetwheels Jersey – marine education for schools and disadvantaged children
  • Grass snakes – grass snake conservation research, monitoring and conserving these locally rare but ecologically important species

Francis Binney, RBC’s Environmental Officer said: ‘We’re delighted there has been such a diverse and enthusiastic response to the launch of our RBC Green Grants. As a large organisation in the Channel Islands, we have always striven to offer manpower for as many volunteering projects as we can. However, sometimes the nature of the support required is so specialist, monetary assistance is more appropriate to allow the environmental cause to continue its good work. We’re very much looking forward to checking back over the coming months with these local environmental projects, to see the progress they have made with their RBC Green Grant.’