St Ouen’s Pond has been prepared for winter, thanks to volunteers from RBC Wealth Management. The Pond, situated at the National Trust for Jersey Wetlands Centre saw RBC staff and family volunteers cutting back and clearing reeds and grasses from the front of the pond to maintain the sheltered shallow hollow where waders like to rest and forage and also to ensure the area can be easily viewed from the Wetlands Centre.  

A total of 15 one-ton sacks were filled with excess vegetation, which will be removed to the Island’s waste facility for composting.  

Jon Parks, Land Manager for the Trust said: ‘It’s vital to keep areas of the wetland system open, to provide diverse habitats for the overwintering birds which will shortly be arriving. The RBC team powered through the work we set them and had the area ready in no time at all. Over the next few months the Pond will see thousands of migratory birds arriving; both species that are just stopping in to re-fuel before continuing their journey and birds that will be spending their winter and breeding season here.’  

Francis Binney, Environmental Officer at RBC Wealth Management said: ‘RBC has long been a supporter of the Wetlands Centre and we helped fund the building in 2014. St Ouen’s Pond is the largest area of natural open water in Jersey and the area is protected as a Site of Special Interest (SSI) so for RBC staff to have been able to play their part in helping to maintain this important ecological site is very rewarding indeed.’