Last year, over 20 RBC colleagues helped prepare a new enclosure for the Chilean flamingos and with the birds now moved out, the focus this time was on restoring their old enclosure in the central valley.  

Caryl Kemp, Head of Landscaping at Durrell said: ‘The central valley acts as a natural water filter, so by regenerating it, there will be a massive improvement in the water quality that flows through the Park. This was time-consuming, physical work which required us to dig out weeds and cut back and remove debris, so to have a substantial manpower boost from RBC helped us enormously. We really do appreciate their continued support.’  

RBC’s Environmental Officer, Francis Binney added: ‘The RBC Blue Water Day is part of our global Blue Water Project™ where we support a range of initiatives to protect water, our most precious natural resource. We have supported the Durrell Wildlife Park for a number of years, including sponsoring their annual Durrell Business Breakfast and it’s been great that on this occasion, we’ve been able to continue the work we started last year at the Park. That included helping with the installation of water capturing equipment which has resulted in over 60,000 litres of water being saved in the lasts 12 months.’  

Thursday 2 June was Royal Bank of Canada’s annual RBC Blue Water Day which saw over 8,953 employees across 23 countries taking part in a diverse range of over 561 projects.