The complexity of the business and regulatory landscape is increasing dramatically. In Jersey, companies are navigating a proliferation of new regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations, and are challenged to do so in a way that supports performance objectives, sustains value and protects the brand. In response, BPP Professional Education has joined forces with Comsure Compliance Limited to deliver a new series of workshops that will help businesses and their employees meet the requirements of the Regulator and understand regulatory risk. ‘Regulatory Awareness’ will be the first course of its kind that deals with Jersey regulatory risk for all members of the finance industry.

As has been seen in both local and international media the risk of not managing regulatory risk increases the costs of operating a business, reduces attractiveness of investment in Jersey and/or changes the competitive landscape. In the worst case it can lead to an individual losing their job and even going to prison. The workshops will deal with everything from ‘licensing a new financial services business’, to ‘anti money laundering and combating terrorist financing’ through to ‘what happens if it all goes wrong and the regulator starts using its enforcement powers’.

The course will be paramount to ensuring local companies have employees who understand the Jersey regulatory requirements at all levels of the business. It has been developed by well-known local companies, BPP and Comsure, in response to an industry requirement for more courses that count towards the Regulators CPD requirements. By attending any of the eight individual sessions delegates can top up their CPD, or by attending all and completing an exam, delegates can gain the certification ‘BPP Jersey Certification in Regulatory Awareness’. The course will receive its official launch on Thursday 19th January at the Royal Yacht Hotel from 12.30-1.30pm. All interested delegates and businesses are invited to attend to find out more and drinks and canapés will be served.

The workshops will begin on 13th March and sessions will run until January 2013. The lead presenter will be Mathew Beale, FCSI AIFP, Managing Director and founder of Comsure Compliance Limited. Mathew worked for the body that is now known as the Jersey Financial Services Commission for seven years, he is also an experienced regulatory consultant, past senior lecturer on the international compliance association and well regarded compliance speaker.

Lincoln Miles, Managing Director, BPP Professional Education, said: ‘The finance sector is always looking for new, good value courses to keep employees up to date with regulatory changes, so we are very pleased to be able to offer ‘Regulatory Awareness’. It covers the whole landscape of regulatory requirements that will be of use across the industry and we expect the places to fill up very quickly.’

Mathew Beale, Managing Director, Comsure, said: ‘We’re very excited to be launching this course and filling a gap in local training. It will be like taking a driving test – we want to ensure our delegates are walked through the “highway code” of regulation and then sit a test to ensure they understand the risks and avoid breaking the law. Delegates who achieve the certificate will be able to demonstrate understanding of key elements and drivers behind the regulatory framework which will in turn be good for their employer, the industry and Jersey.’

To sign up for the courses or for more information contact Lincoln Miles on 01534 711837 or Mathew Beale on 01534 626841.