Health conscious Islander’s turned out in their hundreds to receive free health checks for diabetes and heart conditions, as well as some comprehensive advice about the risks of melanoma at Rossborough Healthcare’s Free health Check Day at the Radisson Blu hotel on 7th June.  

The free event was organised and hosted by Rossborough Healthcare to promote the importance of preventative health checks and early detection of potentially serious conditions.  As a result of the event, a handful of locals who attended were identified with potentially serious symptoms and referred to follow up with their GP.  

People were asked to pre-register for the checks and within just 10 days of launching the event website, all 225 spaces were taken, with many more Islander’s requesting to join the waiting list.  

Experienced, qualified health professionals from the Island Medical Centre were there to carry out the checks and provide additional support and advice to those in attendance. Each consultation lasted approximately 10 minutes, during which time a health professional reviewed a pre-completed health questionnaire and performed the various health checks in a confidential and safe environment.  

‘We are delighted that we were able to fill all of our appointment slots and see so many people. A huge amount of work went into organising the event and we would like to thank all of our event partners who have given up so much of their time to help make the event a success. The great feedback we have received since has confirmed both its success and also highlights the importance of these health issues in the local community,’ said Richard Clarke, manager at Rossborough Healthcare.  

‘Most importantly, we had a number of stories from the GP’s about potentially serious conditions that were identified on the day. A lady in her 40s, who had never been tested, has been referred to her GP as she is considered to be almost certainly diabetic. A number of people were identified with very high blood pressure and another lady in her 50s was identified with a two-generation history of breast cancer who had never been screened. Given the advice these people received, we hope that they will now follow up with their GP’s for further tests – the fact that we were able to help these people detect problems will hopefully lead to early prevention measures and treatment plans that otherwise would have gone unnoticed,’ added Mr Clarke.  

Four leading Jersey health charities and organisations, Diabetes Jersey, Jersey Heart Support Group, Donna Annand Melanoma Charity and WellBeing World, were also on hand to offer guidance to any individuals wishing to find out more about the illnesses. 

Three of Rossborough Healthcare’s leading private medical insurance providers in Jersey, AXA-PPP International, Aviva and Simplyhealth provided sponsorship for the event and were also present on the day to offer help and advice to those in attendance.

Rossborough Healthcare remains committed to continuing to promote the importance of preventative health checks and will be looking to do similar events in the future.