Rossborough Insurance is urging islanders not to give personal details relating to their insurance policies or any claims following an increase in unsolicited calls being reported to them.

The calls from a third party ask a number of leading questions and dependent on the answers given, the caller then offers its services to make a claim for injuries as a result of a motor accident.

‘We have carried out our own investigation and alerted the insurance companies who have also looked at the reported cases in great detail. We are confident that these unsolicited calls are being made randomly and that unfortunately some islanders are being misled into revealing personal information,’ said Rossborough Insurance director Rob Hewlett.

‘There has been significant media coverage about criminals scamming large sums of money from Channel Islanders by impersonating a bank and the principles of the advice given in those cases should be followed by anyone who receives an unexpected call in relation to insurance.

‘Never reveal any personal information to anyone over the telephone, if you are in the process of renewing or making an insurance claim then your broker should have access to all the information they need. If they ask questions then hang up, wait to ensure the call has been disconnected or use a different phone and then call your broker to check the call was genuine.’

Mr Hewlett said that he urged anyone who receives a call to alert their broker. Rossborough has also contacted the Data Protection Office to inform them of the situation.

‘We are keeping a record of all calls that have been received and will be liaising closely with other brokers in the island and our partner insurance companies,’ he said.