SANNE has made a string of 45 promotions across the business, including five director level promotions in Jersey.  

The promotions, which were spread across seven jurisdictions, were at all levels of the organisation including eight senior administrators, five assistant managers, 11 managers, ten senior managers, six associate directors and five directors.  

Matthew Morel has been promoted to the position of director of marketing and corporate communications in a group role. Angelo Orosco and Marian Suguitan have both been promoted as divisional directors within SANNE’s Private Debt & Capital Markets division. Jonathan Wilkinson and Paul Clohesy have been promoted as directors within SANNE’s Real Estate and Treasury divisions respectively.  

Phil Godley, Senior Managing Director at SANNE, said, ‘As a business we invest a great deal of time and resources into recruiting, nurturing and training our people across all locations. Our business is a meritocracy where we offer people a rewarding working environment, where individuals are encouraged to perform and feel engaged to be part of a winning team. The high number of promotions across the group demonstrates our commitment to cultivating and enhancing talent, helping staff to develop at all stages of their careers and reward strong consistent performance.’  

In his new role, Matthew will be responsible for defining and delivering all marketing and financial PR strategies across SANNE’s global business. He will continue to work with each of SANNE’s business divisional leaders in the asset classes and global markets they operate in, and will also focus on directing all corporate communications from Sanne Group plc.  

Angelo will have oversight and will coordinate with the various teams and jurisdictions in relation to the client accounting and reporting functions for the Private Debt & Capital Markets business division, as well as providing overall support for the divisional management team.  

Marian will lead the operations team for the Private Debt & Capital Markets business division, including oversight of the ongoing operational requirements of the division as well as coordinating the various regulatory and other ad hoc projects across the jurisdictions in which the division operates.  

Jonathan will be responsible for real estate fund accounting across all locations and deliver seamless and integrated fund accounting services to the business division’s’ institutional client base.  

Paul will be responsible for liquidity management, foreign exchange dealing and hedging facilities. In addition, he will form part of the investment committee that provides investment manager selection services.  

‘I would like to congratulate Matthew, Angelo, Marian, Jonathan and Paul, who have all demonstrated consistent results and added value to their teams and the wider business, displaying their director level qualities on a regular basis. I would also like to congratulate all of my colleagues who have been promoted,’ added Phil Godley.   

SANNE is a specialist provider of outsourced corporate, fund and private client administration, reporting and fiduciary services. Established over 25 years ago and now listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, SANNE employs over 700 people worldwide, administering structures and funds that have in access of £100 billion. This year alone, SANNE has acquired businesses in five new jurisdictions and staff levels have increased by 66 per cent.