Pupils at Mont A L’Abbe School are celebrating the official opening of the school’s new sensory room, with a tea party, later this week.

The room, which has been funded through a donation from the 2010 Barclays Wealth Community Awards, officially opens on Friday 21st October. The donation of £21,571 is the largest single pledge made by Barclays Wealth since the awards scheme launched five years ago.

The new sensory room, which is situated in the primary school, has been kitted out with state of the art equipment, which is designed to stimulate and motivate the youngsters. ‘The sensory room is fantastic,’ said head teacher, Sharon Eddie. ‘The bubble wall, interactive floor, cinema wall, surround sound, UV lighting, fibre optic curtain and tactile wall panels are incredibly impressive and provide an ideal space for both learning and enjoyment for our pupils. Our children have a wide range of abilities and disabilities which makes this type of interactive room an invaluable resource as it encourages children to use their senses and develop their skills.  The equipment in the room can be programmed in so many different ways which enables us to create a bespoke and flexible environment to target the skills we want the children to develop. The room is already proving to be an invaluable facility which offers something for every child in the school. The school staff and pupils would like to express grateful thanks to the Barclays Wealth Community Awards for making this happen.’

Paul Savery, managing director, Barclays Wealth Intermediaries and International Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man, said: ‘I am delighted that our donation is making a significant difference to the lives of the pupils at Mont A L’Abbe. It is a pleasure to see the enjoyment this room brings and it is this enjoyment that embodies our thinking behind the Barclays Wealth Community Awards.’

The sensory room will be used by all pupils who are aged between three and 18. All of the equipment selected by the school is interactive which means the children can use movement and switches to create and change effects.

Over the past five years, the Barclays Wealth Community Awards have provided grants to support a variety of projects, from supporting an arts initiative organised by the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association to funding an after school homework club. Grants have been awarded for both large and small projects, ranging from a few hundred pounds to more than £20,000.

In 2010, Barclays Wealth helped ten groups – the leading wealth management firm had intended to give away £25,000 in total, but the judges felt that some of the projects were so deserving that they increased the funding to