Maria McDermott, Business Development Consultant – Asia, Jersey Finance, joined Nancy Chien, Partner, Bedell Cristin Law Firm and Ellen Xie, Founder and Managing Director of Shanghai Hui Xiao Law Group, to discuss setting up a trust and foundation in Jersey at a training session for financial and legal professionals.

With the needs of investors in mainland China constantly evolving, international finance centres (IFCs) continue to act as a foundation to support capital growth. The discussion, moderated by Ellen Xie, explores why investors in China should utilise Jersey’s tax neutrality, regulatory specialisation and administrative convenience in comparison to other IFCs traditionally used by investors in mainland China.

Jersey trusts offer investors judicial, legal and regulatory certainty as well as asset protection and flexibility. To learn more about how investors in China can benefit from setting up trusts and foundations in Jersey, watch the full webinar below:


Hui Xiao Law Group: Setting Up a Trust or Foundation in Jersey and China
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