TV Chef Shaun Rankin will be joining the children of Mont à l'Abbé Primary School as they plant their Jersey Royal potatoes on Tuesday 20th March at 2pm.

The initiative has been organised by Voisin law firm and Volaw trust company, two members of each company will be joining Shaun Rankin to help plant the potatoes. Shaun Rankin and Voisin & Volaw have a well-established relationship with Mont à l'Abbé Primary School and often organise initiatives for the children. The practical classes such as the planting initiative are essential to their learning and builds on lessons learned during Science and healthy eating classes.

The Jersey Royals will be ready for harvesting at the beginning of June, which will coincide with the start of the children’s half term holidays. The children will be using the Jersey Royals in their cookery classes and the remaining potatoes willl be taken home for the children to share with their families.

Georgina Jeffries, Head of Marketing, Voisin and Volaw commented:

‘We wanted Shaun Rankin to help the children plant potatoes because of his long standing relationship with Mont à l'Abbé School and his dedication to supporting local produce. He will be sharing his knowledge of cooking with Jersey Royals so the children can make some dishes in their cookery classes.’

Sharon Eddie, Head Teacher, Mont à l'Abbé Primary School, commented:

‘The children really enjoy practical activities especially when Shaun Rankin attends. The children have learnt a lot about planting and have had some great success over the years. They will be sharing their growing tips with Shaun Rankin in return for his knowledge on how best to cook them.’

Shaun Rankin, Head Chef, Bohemia, added:

‘I think cookery and growing Jersey produce should be part of every school curriculum. It is important for children to grow up understanding and supporting local products. Jersey Royals are very versatile and I hope the children will enjoy cooking with them in their half term holidays.’