JTC Group has announced a significant three year sponsorship deal which will save Jersey Wanderers Football Club (JWFC) from the final whistle!

Established in 1895, the JWFC is Jersey’s oldest club and has an excellent reputation for coaching and developing young players, as well as supporting both men and ladies teams. Over the years, it has enjoyed great success, having been crowned champions of Jersey on 25 occasions and the Channel Islands 11 times.

However, due to increased costs and a difficult economic climate, the club has been struggling financially and its future looked bleak.

As a result, JTC Group has stepped in to ensure the club can continue with its good work in providing sport to the local community.

CEO and Chairman of JTC Group, Nigel Le Quesne – who has had a long standing personal association with Wanderers having played for the club in the early 1990s – states: “Jersey Wanderers has over 150 players, 13 teams and a wider community of more than 500 people who have an association with the club. We feel that this history, and the value it brings to the island, is just too important for us not to intervene and secure its future.”

With JTC’s help, the Jersey Wanderers can now look forward to a secure future and build on its founding principles which include maintaining high standards, developing the teams by creating a conducive environment, playing fair and respecting others.

Nigel adds: “These principles resonate with JTC. We have grown significantly over the last few years by focusing on similar goals and have seen JTC broaden its horizons and capitalise on opportunities. We hope that this sponsorship package will enable Jersey Wanderers to do the same and help the club achieve its ambitions.”

Thanking JTC Group for its support, Bob Lawrence, JWFC Vice President, said: “The last two years have not been at all easy for Wanderers as we have struggled to raise funds to survive and had, sadly, reached a point where it was likely that we were unable to continue playing.

“Having the security of investment from JTC Group over the next three years will mean that we can firmly turn our attention towards developing the club at all levels. We already have some exciting plans in place, including a restructure of the way our operations are managed; improvements to the ground and amenities; player development plans; and dedicated coaching training.

“We will also be investing in the development of our successful Mini Academy as well as exploring ways in which we can challenge our senior players and lift performance levels right across the club.”

As well as providing financial support to the club, JTC will also be helping Jersey Wanderers with their strategic development and growth.

Nigel states: “We want to share our knowledge and experience as a business with the club and will be helping to create a corporate governance structure and enhancing its financial management.”

Nigel concludes: “We believe this is the start of an exciting new journey for Jersey Wanderers and will give a boost to club football in Jersey. It is a sport enjoyed by more than 3,000 individuals and supported by hundreds of volunteers. I am absolutely delighted that JTC Group is able to support part of the island’s heritage in this way.”