Jersey law firm Sinels has launched Jersey’s only specialist debt factoring and recovery firm, Booroola.

Booroola will offer valued-based legal thinking to clients providing a result on debt regardless of its complexity, whilst shielding its clients from the costs, risks and opportunity loss inherent in the litigation process.

Unlike the competition, Booroola’s active links with Sinels allow it to apply a higher level of intelligence to debt factoring. These links also allow Booroola to draw on a wealth of international legal experience to penetrate even the most opaque offshore jurisdictions, recovering debt regardless of geography.

Booroola’s launch comes at a time when there is an increased need for debt factoring and recovery following the economic downturn. In the current economic climate capital is key, yet businesses and individuals are finding themselves increasingly lumbered with non-performing debts, bad debts and problematic accounts, which can be time-consuming to chase and often without reward. Booroola offers a unique solution.

Booroola will either buy debts or work on a no recovery, no fee basis. The firm is also able to design, supply and implement integrated debt management systems.

Philip Sinel, Principal of Sinels Advocates, comments:

“At a time when companies and individuals need to effectively manage their cash flow and reduce bad debt we are delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive service that delivers results.”

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For more information or to arrange an interview with Philip Sinel please contact Ryan McSharry on 0207 269 1430.


Sarah Holland
Sinels Advocates

Ryan McSharry

Notes to Editors
Sinels Advocates is one of Jersey’s premier conflict resolution and avoidance law firms. Sinels work for a diverse range of institutions and high net worth individuals. In addition, the firm undertakes a significant amount of pro bono work for individuals in most need, yet least able to access justice.

 Sinels provides a full range of civil and commercial litigation and pre-litigation solutions, including trustee and director advisory services. The firm has an extensive track record in a number of specialist areas, including banking and financial services, fraud and asset tracing, matrimonial and employment.

Unlike other comparable Jersey-based law firms, Sinels has no external stakeholders or partnerships with financial services companies. As a result, Sinels is not beholden to the Jersey Financial Services Commission and is therefore able to provide truly independent advice to financial services companies, trustees and trust beneficiaries.

Booroola is Jersey’s only specialist debt factoring and recovery firm. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinels, Jersey’s premier specialist conflict resolution and avoidance firm.

Booroola works for individuals and companies that want a result on their debts regardless of their complexity and geography. The firm specialises in taking non-performing debts, problematic accounts and bad debts and turning them into money, whilst protecting clients’ reputations. Booroola also designs, supplies and implements integrated debt management systems.

Booroola’s active links with Sinels allow it to draw on a wealth of international legal experience and to penetrate even the most opaque offshore jurisdictions. The wider Booroola team has in-depth experience of tracking and unlocking funds across the globe and are well-versed in international legal procedures.