Unemployed people are being trained to return to work in finance, specifically in the trust and compliance areas.

The Skills Jersey Executive recognised that the finance industry were still recruiting in these areas and formed a partnership with the Social Security Department and comtrain, a local based training provider company. They are also working with recruitment companies to keep abreast of movement in the local job market.

The initiative has been put together using funds from the Fiscal Stimulus Fund and is designed to provide people with the correct skills so that they are able to apply for the available employment opportunities.

A group of 30-35 suitable individuals were identified and work is progressing on a six week programme to re-train in them in this important area. At the end of the programme every trainee will have a personal development plan which will assist them in their quest to find suitable employment.

The Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, Deputy James Reed is enthusiastic about the scheme "During these difficult times, it is important to match the skills of those seeking work with the areas of the job market that are currently recruiting. Our research clearly identified additional personnel required in compliance and trust so that is where we are concentrating our efforts for this initial programme.

"Using the funds allocated from the Fiscal Stimulus Fund we will be looking to repeat this exercise in other areas in the future."