In line with the drive to raise funds across Jersey for a "fellow island community" – as Bailiff Sir Michael Birt stated – employees and partners of Walkers have been given the option to donate an hour of their pay towards the public aid fund, established to help victims from the devastation caused by the disaster.
The fundraising by Walkers' Jersey office forms part of a global initiative by the firm across its international network of offices. This will also include a 'Dress Down Day' at Walkers' Cayman Islands office, which is home to an active Filipino community, where staff can opt to wear casual clothes to the office in return for making a donation to the appeal.
"The reports and images we have all seen from the Philippines this week have been extremely distressing and clearly it is vital that all parts of the community in Jersey can come together at a time like this and do anything we can to help," commented Jonathan Heaney, Managing Partner of Walkers' Jersey office.
"At Walkers we are all too aware of the destruction that natural disasters such as Haiyan can cause," Mr. Heaney added. "Our Hong Kong office is of course located in the same region as the Philippines and faces a similar threat from typhoons, while our offices in the Caribbean operate in an active hurricane zone, where almost ten years ago Grand Cayman was completely devastated by Hurricane Ivan – a Category Five storm."
All funds donated by Walkers' Jersey office will go to the Bailiff's Philippines Typhoon Disaster Appeal. The fund will use the money to provide relief through emergency supplies of food, clean drinking water, food or shelter.​