Standard Bank Offshore Group is launching the latest in its series of award winning structured products which are designed to return the initial capital deposited and offer potential for returns linked to market indexes. The product is open for subscription until 13 April 2010, subject to availability.

Quantum PLUS II is a 5 year fixed term Standard Bank deposit, available in Sterling, US dollars or Euros. Minimum deposit amounts are £10,000, $20,000 or €15,000.

The product divides a client’s investment equally into two deposits: Quantum and PLUS. Both deposits are designed to return original capital deposited, along with the potential gains at their respective maturity dates.

The Quantum portion pays an attractive rate of 5% (AER) and is redeemed in full after the first year. The PLUS portion is linked to potential stock market growth, with a participation rate of 75% in the growth of the relevant stock index over the full five year term.

Herman Wessels, Managing Director, Treasury & Product commented, “Our structured products are designed for depositors who seek capital security and growth potential linked to the performance of a stock market index. Quantum PLUS II has been introduced following the successful launch of Quantum PLUS in November and is offering returns linked to the performance of equity investments, but without the usual risk of volatile market movements.”

He added: “After two years of poor market performance, it would be regrettable to miss out on the continuation of the stock market rebound. For clients who wish to access a product which has been designed to return the capital deposited in full at maturity, Quantum PLUS II offers a combination of potential market-related returns, together with a high yield on the Quantum portion.” [Ends]