Standard Chartered, along with people, businesses and iconic buildings across the world will switch off their lights on Saturday 27 March at 8:30pm for WWF’s Earth Hour showing support for a global mandate on climate change.

Earth Hour is a global campaign to raise awareness of carbon emissions and climate change. Starting modestly in 2007, the event has quickly grown to take the world by storm as it travels east to west and hundreds of millions of people switch off their lights. Last year, Earth Hour was embraced by people in over 4,000 cities and towns, nearly 1,000 landmarks and more than 88 countries around the world.

A billion people are expected to sign up to Earth Hour in 2010. Standard Chartered Jersey is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour by not only switching off the lights in its Castle Street office, but it has also raised awareness amongst its staff who are also pledging to turn their lights off in their own homes.

Richard Ingle, CEO Jersey, said, “Standard Chartered is committed to joining people from across the world in WWF’s Earth Hour campaign and to help raise global awareness for combating climate change. As a Level 3 Leader in the Eco-Active Business accreditation scheme, it’s important to raise awareness of such environmental issues and we hope that many other businesses and individuals in the Island will join us in supporting Earth Hour.”

Olivia Copsey, Education and Awareness Officer at the Environment Department said, “We are delighted to have international institutions such as Standard Chartered giving its support for Earth Hour. The more businesses we can get on board, the greater the Island’s participation and I would encourage all businesses, no matter what their size, to support this important initiative.”

Standard Chartered is committed to building a sustainable business that continues to be high performing and views all actions in terms of their environmental impact, and economic and social contribution. To find out more about Earth Hour and sign up please visit

To read Standard Chartered Bank’s 2008 Sustainability Review, visit: