Jersey’s Assistant Chief Minister for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, has returned from a series of joint Channel Island meetings with US officials in Washington, where they discussed taxation, transparency and the fight against financial crime.

Senator Bailhache was in Washington with Guernsey’s Treasury Minister Deputy Gavin St Pier – the first time that Jersey and Guernsey have undertaken a joint Ministerial visit to Washington.

Senator Bailhache said “The meetings we held this week have strengthened our ties with the US and reinforced our reputation as a leader in tax transparency, information exchange and international co-operation.

“Our shared interests with Guernsey mean that a joint delegation makes sense. Sharing resources is both efficient and a model for co-operation in engagement with other countries where our interests are aligned. It works well in Brussels, it’s been constructive in France, and it was regarded as a constructive step forward by those we met in Washington.”

The meetings focused on tax transparency, information exchange and the combating of financial crime. Meetings took place with representatives from Washington departments and committees including:

• The Department of the Treasury
• The Congress Joint Committee on Taxation
• The Senate Finance Committee
• The House Ways and Means Committee
• The Department of Justice

Senator Bailhache added “I was pleased to meet key policy makers and to find that they had a good understanding of our financial services industries. They were positive about the standards we are maintaining and I hope we can develop these valuable links through continuing engagement.”

Senator Bailhache and Deputy St Pier were accompanied by the International Adviser to Jersey’s Chief Minister’s Department, Colin Powell, and the Chief Executive of the States of Guernsey, Mike Brown.