Jersey’s delegation in India has continued today (17 Nov) with a well attended keynote speech by the Treasury and Resources Minister in the city of Mumbai.

The official address, in which Senator Philip Ozouf highlighted Jersey’s strengths as a well-regulated business platform, received an excellent response from the audience of leading business people, lawyers and officials. The event was also an opportunity for some of Jersey’s leading lawyers, accountants and financiers to meet potential Indian business partners.

Senator Philip Ozouf is leading a Jersey delegation on a week-long trip to the subcontinent to promote cultural, economic and business links. The 20-strong Jersey group will now travel to Gurgaon and then on to the Indian capital Delhi, where the Senator will meet senior Indian officials as well as Sir Richard Stagg, the British High Commissioner.

‘What has particularly impressed me on this visit way is the way in which India has ridden the financial crisis. In the past two days, as I have driven around Mumbai and spoken to many people, I have been struck that India continues to grow,’ said Senator Ozouf.

‘I don't believe this growth has happened by accident. I believe India is set on an exciting path and will become an even more important nation on the world stage. It will be a key economic power into the future. Our delegation can assist Indian business in this development.

‘One of the things that sets Jersey apart is our innovation and with our proposed new intellectual property legislation and our highly-developed financial and legal infrastructure, we aim to provide Indian companies a safe and stable location from which to access European, UK and global markets.

‘This visit, my second in 18 months, is extremely important to us. It marks a further significant step in establishing even stronger ties between India and Jersey,’ Senator Ozouf added.
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