Designed to highlight the successes and challenges of the past calendar year, the report includes Jersey Finance’s audited financial statements and has been produced to reflect a commitment to remaining accountable and transparent to stakeholders.

In particular, the report, which is available to view publicly online, highlights that, in an unprecedented environment, Jersey Finance succeeded in delivering 90% of its planned initiatives last year, promoting the services of its 170+ Member firms to a global audience of more than 17 million through a variety of channels.

The report as well as the financial accounts and confirmation of Board positions were all approved formally at the AGM.

Speaking at the event, Jersey Finance CEO Joe Moynihan pointed in particular to the publication of the major ‘Global Value Chains’ research and the progress made under its sustainable finance strategy as significant highlights:

“This is the first year that we have published an Annual Report, which is essentially our story of the past 12 months, and I’m really pleased with the result. It makes clear just how busy 2021 was – but it was also a particularly significant year for us too because it marked 20 years since our inception as an organisation and 60 years of Jersey as a successful international finance centre.

“However, the work doesn’t stop – the environment remains highly competitive and complex. Looking forward, the collaboration between us, our Members, our government and our regulator will be pivotal in enabling us to manage the challenges on the horizon, and ensure we retain the same sort of innovative approach that has positioned us as a leading IFC over the past 60 years.”

Chairman Jason Laity also provided an overview at the AGM:

“Across our funds, banking, corporate and private wealth sectors, we are posting really vibrant figures as a jurisdiction, which is fantastic news and a reflection of how Jersey is perceived in the market. However, we recognise the challenges our industry faces – the need to focus on skills and to continue to push forward in terms of digital innovation, for instance.

“The fantastic team at Jersey Finance continue to make great strides in addressing these challenges on behalf of the industry, to ensure Jersey will continue to be the successful financial hub it is today.”

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