82 students from Beaulieu School have been learning the importance of being prudent with their money as part of a series of educational seminars organised by Lloyds TSB.

The series, which has been running for seven years, is more popular than ever before, with schools now approaching Lloyds TSB to request that their students be offered the opportunity to take part.

Jason Lewis, Business Development Manager for Islands Retail, Lloyds TSB, began running the sessions in 2006 as he recognised that youngsters need to understand the importance of managing their money carefully and the importance of financial planning for the future.

‘It has never been more important to talk to our children about how to manage their finances,’ said Mr Lewis. ‘I’ve been running these seminars for a number of years and now schools are approaching me to ask if I can deliver sessions to more of their students.’

The interactive sessions see Mr Lewis talk through how to budget, the importance of shopping around for the best deals, how to avoid getting into debt and how to manage a first salary, as many youngsters leave school and move straight into employment.

‘The sessions are interactive and we discuss a variety of topics and issues relating to how money can be made and can be saved. One of the hardest hitting sections of the day is the discussion around the case study of how a young person gets into financial difficulty, and the steps we take to break that debt down and to manage it,’ added Mr Lewis.

Natasha Gaudin, Business Development Manager, Beaulieu School, said: ‘I am delighted that our students are getting the opportunity to take part in this Lloyds TSB education series. It is crucial that they learn about how to manage their finances, even at a young age, so they can develop a healthy understanding for the future.  They certainly enjoyed the session and listened to Mr Lewis’ advice.  I look forward to our other students benefitting from these sessions in the future.’

The session took place at Beaulieu School on 3rd May 2013.