A new marketing technique is slowly finding its way to the Channel Islands.

Mobile bar codes, which are also known as QR or 2D codes, allow consumers with wireless-enabled handsets to scan the code and access information, downloads and much more.

“It’s a fantastic tool for companies to provide their consumers with so much more information than they can fit on the packaging. Global brands are starting to use them now, you can find them on Pepsi products and MacDonalds have used mobile bar codes to provide consumers with the nutritional information of their products,” said Sure’s Head of PR Steve Smith.

“It will be only a matter of time before more and more companies start using these codes and given the relative ease and low cost of producing them, it’s an ideal tool for Channel Islands companies to use. Sure has already started using them on some of our giveaways and we’ll be looking at more ways which we can maximise this new advancement in marketing technology.”

Although relatively unknown in the UK, the mobile bar code, which looks like a distorted bar code, is widely used in other areas of the world. Research shows that in Japan, 40 percent of consumers have used bar codes following an agreement between Japanese operators and handset manufacturers to work together to ensure that handsets can support the bar code technology.

It has also been used by the Paris transport system and allows commuters to scan a code at stations to see when the next bus or subway will arrive.

The mobile bar code was created by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994 and was originally used for inventory management for a wide range of industries.

“The inclusion of mobile bar code-reading software in camera phones opens up the opportunities for consumer-orientated companies to allow their customers access to product information and promotions and I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before more and more companies are embracing it,” said Mr Smith.

Mr Smith said most Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones have the technology but it is possible to download a test version from the internet.

“If customers are unsure about how to use mobile bar codes then Sure’s staff in the High Street store or at Centenary House will be only too happy to help.”

For more information on mobile bar codes, or to download a reader application, visit: http://www.surecw.com/mobile/page-892

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