Today (9 July) at the Portuguese Embassy in London, the Chief Minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, Sergio Vasques. 

Senator Le Sueur said “This is the latest in an ongoing programme of signing TIEAs or Double Tax Agreements (DTAs) with all OECD and G20 member countries. We are committed to complying with international standards and as one of the four Vice-Chairs of the Peer Review Group of the Global Forum on Transparency and Information Exchange for Tax Matters, we intend to continue to lead by example”.

“We have a long-standing, close relationship with Portugal because of the significant number of Portuguese nationals who have come here to work and settled in Jersey. When the TIEA comes into force, the Portuguese authorities have agreed to start negotiations on an agreement to avoid double taxation for certain income of individuals, like employment income and pensions.”
The TIEA will come into force once Jersey and the Portuguese governments have completed their domestic procedures. In Jersey this means the ratification of the agreement by the States of Jersey and the adoption of the necessary Regulations.
The TIEA is the same as those previously signed by Jersey with other countries, and provides for the exchange of information on request, which request has to be formulated in writing in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
Notes for Editors
1.      Upon entry into force of the TIEA and in respect of taxes covered by the Agreement, the Portuguese authorities will exclude Jersey from the “list of countries, territories and regions with clearly more favourable tax regimes”, as approved by Ministerial Order No 150/2004 on 13th January.
2.      The current position on TIEAs and DTAs can be found on the following website
3.      For further information please contact Colin Powell, Adviser – International Affairs, Chief Minister’s Department (Tel: 01534 440414 or 07797 750734; e-mail: