How would you manage:

  • without a credit/debit card , store cards or cheque book?
  • without a bank account?
  • without being able to transact online ?


Most of us take such things for granted but there are still many in our community who, for various reasons, and often through no fault of their own, are unable to access these mainstream banking services.

However, the services offered by Community Savings are there to help …

To raise awareness of these issues and of the existence of Community Savings we have asked some volunteers to join the “Cash Only Challenge” and lead their lives using cash only for a week.  We will let you know how they get on ……. 



  • could you support our volunteers during the week by trying the challenge yourself and letting us know your experiences?   Or
  • by running a sponsorship event to raise funds to support Community Savings?


For more information contact Community Savings , Seale Street St Helier on 737555 or by email to