Clients of local charity, Meals on Wheels, will receive a nice surprise with their lunches when the Easter bunny rolls into town next week.

In November 2009, Meals on Wheels secured funding through the Barclays Wealth Community Awards to enable the charitable group to send Easter eggs to recipients of the meals service, in the run up to the 2010 bank holiday.

Debbie Shenton, the Honorary Treasurer of Meals on Wheels, commented:

‘We were delighted to secure the Barclays Wealth funding required to roll out this initiative. Many of the recipients of the meals service are elderly, live alone and have little or no family to support them. We really feel that the gift of an Easter egg is a thoughtful gesture in demonstrating our care for the community over the holiday period.’

The Meals on Wheels (Jersey) Society was set up in 1962 at the request of the Medical Officer of Health before becoming an independent organisation in 1975. Today the service is operated by a team of 120 volunteers who deliver hot meals to around 130 islanders on 22 different routes, four times per week. Although there are seasonal variations, the group delivers around 500-600 meals per week.  The meals are provided by the Jersey General Hospital at cost but there is no charge for delivery as the service is manned solely by volunteers, some of whom are themselves in their 90’s. For many this is an essential service which would not be in existence if it were not for the volunteer team.

‘The Meals on Wheels volunteers provide an amazing service and we were delighted to be able to support the group through our Barclays Wealth Community Awards,’ said Paul Savery, Managing Director, Barclays Wealth in Jersey. ‘Through the Barclays Wealth Community Awards we gave away a total of £38,000 in 2009 to organisations and charitable groups that required funding for projects. And it’s particularly rewarding when working with smaller projects such as Meals on Wheels, where we are able to make a difference to the 130 members of our community through a small Easter gift.’

Barclays Wealth in Jersey gave away a total of £38,000, which was £13,000 more than expected, to help local charitable and community projects through the annual Barclays Wealth Community Awards in 2009. The awards support projects that will make a real difference to local people in a variety of ways. The Barclays Wealth Community Awards are open to registered charities that have representation in Jersey. Details of the 2010 awards will be announced later in the year.

Meals on Wheels is always looking to recruit more volunteers and would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in giving up a little of their time to help. If you are interested please contact Debbie Shenton at