As a forward-thinking international finance centre, Jersey has been quick to recognise the opportunities presented by fintech and has worked hard to develop an attractive proposition for innovative start-ups and established businesses alike. 

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Within the interview with Fintech Magazine, published earlier this month, Amy illustrates how the collaborative approach of the Island’s government, regulator, financial services industry and active digital sector, as well as its growing talent base supported by an on-Island digital skills academy, has created the ideal environment for fintech to thrive.

In discussing opportunities for Jersey, she explains how, with its long held reputation for excellence when it comes to financial services combined with the Island’s high standards of regulation, Jersey is primed to support the wealthtech and regtech sectors.

The interview also looks to the future, covering how sustainability and digitalisation have become significant trends as the financial industry continues to evolve. It explores how these two trends are merging – with fintech playing a substantial role in the growth of sustainable finance while sustainable finance is accelerating innovation in fintech.

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