"We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection." Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner All organisations will need to change the way in which they operate to comply with the GDPR.

However, many will vary in terms of their greatest areas of risk. A key consideration for all organisations will be how best to ensure data protection becomes a way of doing things, engrained into the culture of the organisation, reducing the risk of breaches from the greatest point of weakness, the human being.

As with any cultural change, it affects individuals, personally. You should begin with a basic awareness of the regulation and then build on this until each and every individual understands what the GDPR means for them.

The clock is ticking for GDPR compliance. At the time this news is published, there will be just 80 days remaining before the General Data Protection Regulation is officially enforced (25 May 2018).How ready is your organisation and how ready are your people for this regulation? What is GDPR? The European Union has established common rules, which ensure high standards of personal data protection. This year, 'The Year of Data', as we like to refer it, the European data protection rules are undergoing the biggest change since the 1990’s, due to the enforcement of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May this year. The GDPR regulation has given European citizens, wherever they live in the world, greater rights over their personal data. It will affect any business that targets EU citizens, even if the organisation is based outside the EU. Organisations are entrusted with personal data It has never been more important to protect personal data, especially when it has been entrusted to others.
Each organisation has a responsibility to be respectful of an individual’s data and remain vigilant and proactive about protecting it. In a global digital economy, strong data protection rules are crucial in ensuring the free flow of data across borders. Where people trust that their personal data is protected, they are more likely to use services and new technologies.

Ensuring your people are well informed about the GDPR and how it impacts what they do on a day to day basis, will also help to reduce the potential for data breaches. What's more, it will instil client confidence. How informed are your people about GDPR? With just 80 days left before the application of the new law, now is the time to ensure your data processing activities and your clients' data is GDPR ready. This will no doubt involve your people. It's vital that all your employees are aware of the GDPR and have had the necessary training to support them in any changes to their processes in respect of the new regulation. Achieve an awareness in just 30 minutes We've designed a 30-minute e-learning course that offers an introduction to the GDPR and provides you with an awareness of this regulation. Organisations can access our online learning platform, or we can even customise the experience to suit your brand and requirements.

For more details on the e-learning course, please visit: marbraladvisory.com/gdpr-elearning Join us for a Drop-In Session Would you like to see the e-learning course in action? Experience a walk-through of our 'Introduction to the GDPR E-Learning course and find out if it is right for your organisation.

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