Award to highlight the support local trust companies have given to Jersey charities, educational establishments and sporting organisations

JATCo is launching a CSR Award to highlight the significant amount of time and resources that the Island’s trust industry gives to local charities, educational and sporting organisations.

Nick Landor, President of JATCo says “We know that many of the local trust companies invest time, knowledge and financial resources in helping local organisations and we want to highlight this. It is not just financial support that can help but by sharing business knowledge and skills a charity can become more efficient and successful. There are finite funds in the Island but our members have helped maximise what the charities receive.”

JATCo also hopes that by sharing members’ experience and skills in running CSR schemes, other locally based trust companies will learn how to run similar schemes.

Nick continued “We hope that this scheme will encourage even more support for the Island’s charities. Jersey has a highly skilled work force in the financial services sector and these skills are frequently shared with the not for profit sector for the benefit of all. However, it can be daunting embarking on a CSR project and there are naturally concerns about reputational risk, health and safety cost and what a firm will get out of becoming involved with a local organisation. By sharing the winners’ experience and skills with JATC members we expect that this will encourage other firms to learn about and run CSR schemes.”

The judging panel comprises of Nick Landor (President of JATCo), Ian Crosby (JATCo Hon. Secretary), Philip Bisson (JATCo Treasurer), Philip Callow (Treasurer of the Jersey Association of Charities), Suzanne Rentsch (Operations Officer, Jersey Autism, JATCo’s charity for 2011) and Senator Alan Maclean, the Minister of Economic Development.

JATCo members are invited to submit a short entry, explaining about the CSR project they have carried out in 2009 or 2010 – setting out what they have done, how the charity benefitted and how the trust company benefitted. Closing date for entries is March 30th. The judging panel will be looking for CSR projects that have been of tangible benefit to the charity and to the trust company, with special emphasis on innovation, lasting impact and company involvement using local company talent. It is not the amount of money that has been spent but what has been achieved to improve community growth and development.

The Award ceremony will be held in conjunction with the JATCo Annual Dinner on 20 May, where the winner will make a brief presentation about the winning project. A master class for members on how to run a CSR project will be held shortly after.

Senator Alan Maclean concluded “Local trust companies and their staff get involved in a significant amount of projects that support and benefit the local community.

I hope that all local charities and other organisations that have been beneficiary of this valuable support will encourage local trust companies to submit an entry to these awards.”