The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has today launched a new green market segment, TISE GREEN, to enhance the visibility of those investments which make a positive impact on the environment.

TISE GREEN is open to all types of green investments, including bonds, funds and trading companies, from any jurisdiction. 

An appropriate third-party needs to provide verification that the investment meets an internationally recognised standard of green finance.  

The investment must first be admitted to TISE’s Official List but there is no additional charge for the subsequent entry to, and presence on, TISE GREEN.

Fiona Le Poidevin, CEO of The International Stock Exchange Group (TISEG), said: “The focus on environmental sustainability in recent years has led to an established and growing sector of green finance. Indeed, there is an increasing pool of investors who are mandated either to only to invest a certain proportion of their assets, into investments which, alongside traditional financial return, provide positive environmental benefits.

“TISE GREEN has been established to enable those seeking funding for environmentally beneficial initiatives to highlight their green credentials while, at the same time, providing easier access for investors who are looking to allocate to those investments which have been verified as meeting globally recognised standards in green finance.”  

Key features of TISE GREEN:

  • Open to any type of green investment, including bonds, funds and trading companies;
  • Open to investments from any jurisdiction;
  • The investment’s green credentials need to be verified by an appropriate third party against a globally recognised standard, such as the Green Bond Principles published by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) or the Common Principles for Climate Mitigation Tracking published by the Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) and the International Development Finance Club (IDFC);
  • The investment must first be admitted to TISE’s Official List before being eligible for entry to TISE GREEN; and
  • Beyond the usual fees for listing on TISE’s Official List, there is no additional charge for entry to, or an ongoing presence on, TISE GREEN.

Funds which have a Guernsey Green Fund route 1 designation and which are listed on TISE will meet the criteria for a presence on TISE GREEN.

Successful applicants will be added to the TISE GREEN section of TISE’s website and receive TISE GREEN logos for their own use in promoting their presence on the segment. 

Mrs Le Poidevin added: “I’m delighted that we’re bringing such an exciting product to market at a time of heightened interest in environmental sustainability. As an exchange, by bringing together issuers and investors, we will play our role in facilitating the flow of capital into investments which enhance or protect the environment. 

“I received very positive feedback on the development of our green offering during the recent Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Investor Forum in Paris and we will be monitoring the marketplace to ensure that as it develops further, and as the standards evolve globally, we will continue to be able to offer a product which is suitably comprehensive and robust.”

TISE GREEN is the third market segment of TISE and adds to those already available, one for trading companies operating from the Channel Islands and the other for trading companies operating from the Isle of Man. 

For more information, please visit TISE GREEN.