Two Qatari banking professionals, Fahad Hiiji who works at the Commercial Bank of Qatar and Ahmed Al-Anqar, at the Qatar National Bank, both based in Doha, are to visit Jersey shortly for a six month internship with Jersey based finance industry organisations.

The pilot programme is the result of discussions between Sean Costello, Jersey Finance’s head of business development for the Gulf Co-operation Council and India and representatives from the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and the Qatar Financial Business Academy (QFBA).

The Qatari professionals will observe first hand the different business processes of the firms where they will be based and will undertake relevant training on specific techniques to help them understand the workings of the financial services industry in Jersey. The two Jersey organisations taking part in the internship are HSBC and Hawksford International.  HSBC in London will also participate.

Sean Costello added: “Qatar and Jersey have strong links already, across the spectrum of regulatory, financial services and private investment management.  This knowledge exchange programme will further reinforce those connections for the future prosperity of both countries. We are most grateful to HSBC and Hawksford International for agreeing to take part in this pilot programme, which we hope is the first of many collaborations.’

Greg Cooper, Director of Programmes, QFBA, commented:

“Our intention is to help develop the skills of young, high potential future financial leaders, by exposing them to similar jobs and functions in other countries. Jersey, through its close links with the City of London and existing commercial associations with Qatar, is an ideal location to undertake this and I am delighted that we have set up this arrangement in association with Jersey Finance.”

Speaking for the interns, Fahad Hiiji commented:

“We are looking forward to spending time in Jersey, where there is a one stop shop for financial services, not only the banking services, with which we are more familiar, but also funds activity and other finance disciplines; such is the diverse nature of the Jersey financial services industry.”

“It’s ideal that the internship also includes a period in the City of London, adding to our experience and giving us a better appreciation of the commercial relationship between London and Jersey,” he continued.