Team Asset Management announced today that Jason Jones and Andrew Gillham are the latest in a series of high profile appointments by the company. Jason will head up the Group’s Fixed Interest business, and will be supported by Andrew, a Bond Analyst of considerable repute. Together, Jason and Andrew have over 50 years’ experience in the financial services industry, most recently with Bridport Asset Management.

Both have significant expertise in managing fixed interest portfolios for private clients, corporations, trusts, charities and UCITs funds, the latter of which will be a major feature of the business the pair have brought to TEAM. Jason also has extensive experience in managing ESG focussed portfolios, which will be a key differentiator in TEAM’s investment process in the future.

‘Team asset management are delighted that Jason and Andrew have decided to join the next chapter of our growth, and will play a major role in delivering our future success’ said Mark Clubb Managing Director of Team Asset Management. ‘Whilst their reputations preceded them somewhat, we have all been impressed with their technical abilities, and are certainly very excited with the role they are already playing in broadening the depth and scope of our investment process’.

Jason commented ‘The nature of markets are changing rapidly, and organisations that can identify, and can adapt to profit from, the changes, will shine in the future. The risk aversion of large companies, lazy consensus of thought, and slavish devotion to backward looking benchmarks that dominates much of our industry means that the interests of the client often end up subordinate to that of the company. Andrew and I are excited to be part of a company where that will never be the case’.