Jersey’s Chief Minister has welcomed a letter from the US Treasury, which sets out the importance the US Administration attaches to the Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Jersey and the USA.

 Senator Terry Le Sueur said: ‘I particularly welcome the fact that Mr Michael Mundaca, from the US Treasury Department, has clarified that the US Administration believes it is important to distinguish between those jurisdictions that are adopting international standards for information exchange and those that are not.
‘I am also pleased that Mr Mundaca has confirmed the great importance the US attaches to the Tax information Exchange Agreement which Jersey signed with the USA, and which came into force in 2006.’
Notes to Editors:
For further information, please contact Senator Terry Le Sueur on 07797 718798 or the States’ Adviser – International Affairs, Colin Powell on 07797 750734
Jersey has Tax Information Exchange Agreements with the USA (2002), the Netherlands (2007), the 7 Nordic countries (Denmark, the Faroes, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – in 2008), Germany (2008), Ireland (2009), France (2009) the UK (2009) and Australia (2009)