Carey Olsen has donated 12 computers that will assist in the efficient running of Ugandan water charity, Busoga Trust.

The charity installs clean water sources throughout Uganda and the PCs donated by Carey Olsen’s Jersey office will be used to continue to help Busoga coordinate their projects. In 2010 Busoga Trust was able to provide clean water for 50,000 people throughout Uganda where the only water available was dirty and drinking it resulted in illnesses and death.

It isn’t the first time that Carey Olsen has donated computers to Busoga Trust. PCs donated by the law firm a couple of years ago were instrumental in introducing computerised accounting for the charity.

Carey Olsen partner, and Busoga Trust trustee, Nicolas Journeaux, received the computers on behalf of the charity.

“Carey Olsen has generously supported the trust over a number of years. A computerised accounting system allows us to show our donors how we spend their money and ensures that we produce current management accounts. The older machines donated previously are starting to fail so these new machines will be the cavalry coming to rescue for our finance director in Uganda,” said Advocate Journeaux.