Throughout 2020 VG has welcomed a raft of new joiners as part of a focus on growth and a commitment to attracting the best local talent.

New joiners at VG: (Row 1 Left to Right) Luc Wainwright, Magdil Delport, Paul Roper, Alison De Carteret, Shannon O’Callaghan. (Row 2 Left to Right) Chelsea Ford, Natalie Bougourd, Callum Culf, Sarah-Louise Mason, Rebecca Chambers-Ahier. (Row 3 Left to Right) Sophie Campbell, Sam Tumkaew, Lauren Gamble, Tyler Hine, Sheena Huggett. (Row 4 Left to Right) Jolanta Szczerbiak, Kaye Morton, Tommy Ling, Steve Langan, Renata Maletroit. (Row 5 Left to Right) Charlotte Manby and Debbie Lumsden.

Over twenty new members of staff have joined VG, across a range of disciplines, throughout 2020, including three Trainee Trust Administrators.

New appointments have included strengthening VG’s leadership team with the appointment of three client-facing Directors, supported by a raft of junior through senior trust officers and fund administrators. VG also welcomed additions to its operations, business intelligence, finance, accounting and business development teams.

Managing director Iain Mason said: ‘As an independent trust company striving to exceed the expectations of clients, set by a largely private equity-backed local industry, it is only fitting that our recruitment strategy actively seeks to attract the right people from across the local industry who can help to shape the future of the business.’

Emma Stewart, Head of HR, added “We are building a VG ‘family’ committed to a common purpose. We spend much of our day at work and employees rightly look for more than just the right salary from their employer. As an employer it really is important to recognise and value that in order to attract, but of more importance retain, talent”.