Christopher Scholefield, Corporate Law Partner at Viberts in Jersey, will take part in two guided tours at Jersey’s Royal Court to mark the 250th anniversary of the island’s ‘Corn Riots’.

On 28 September 1769, following a period of civil unrest, hundreds of people stormed the Royal Court in protest at repeated food shortages and increases in the price of crops and produce. They demanded that 13 Articles containing various reforms, be written down.

Their actions, on what became known as Reform Day, led to the Royal Court losing its legislative powers and the States Assembly becoming the sole law-making body in the island.

To mark the anniversary, the public will be able to enjoy a tour of the Royal Court and the States Assembly, while learning all about what happened before, during and after the events 250 years ago, and how that has affected the way the institutions work today.

Advocate Scholefield will be the guide for the first two tours of the Royal Court. On the commemoration he commented: “The protests of ordinary people, angered by manipulation of prices and perceived corruption at the highest levels, led to one of the most significant changes in the island’s legislature. It has been seen by many as a precursor to democracy in Jersey, and its importance should rightly be recognised in this way.

I really look forward to informing people all about this pivotal moment in the island’s history.”

Four tours will take place on Saturday 28 September, each lasting an hour – beginning at 10.30am, 12pm, 2pm and 3.30pm. There is no need to buy a ticket, but people are asked to register their interest on Facebook via the ‘Open House – Royal Courts & States Assembly’ event page