Volunteers at Victim Support in Jersey will find it easier to keep in touch from now on thanks to a partnership with Sure. Victim Support has received 35 Pay As You Go SIMs from Sure for use by volunteers and those being supported by the charity. Sure plans to top up this donation with further SIMs per quarter as required. The partnership was created following an appeal from Victim Support earlier this year which highlighted their desire to offer safer ways to keep in touch with victims of crime. The SIMs will provide a confidential method of communication between the charity and its clients. Colin Taylor, Victim Support fundraiser said: “This is a great initiative which will really help our volunteers and their clients to maintain a confidential relationship. We are very grateful to Sure for offering us their support and are keen to work closely with them over the coming year. We are a charitable organisation and are heavily reliant on external support so this partnership is of very high value to us.” Sara Liddle, Commercial Finance Manager for Sure Jersey, is pleased to be able to provide a service that will be valued by both the charity and the people it helps. “When we heard about Victim Support’s need to help victims of crime to keep in contact during a criminal case we really wanted to help. The issues they deal with, and the people they help, are an often unseen side of Jersey life. This is a small gesture but hopefully it makes some difference to a number of islanders. We intend to do more to help the charity over the next few months.”