Shaun Rankin will be cooking beautiful Mother’s Day desserts with The Inclusion Project members on Monday 4th March. The initiative has been organized so the young members can improve their cookery skills and learn to cook a new dish at home.   Shaun will be cooking Double Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Brownies with ten of the Inclusion Project members at La Pouquelaye Community Centre from 7pm until 9pm. The Inclusion Project was set up to organise different activities for young people with special needs.   The cooking initiative which is one of the themes of the educational activities has been kindly sponsored by Voisin law firm and Volaw trust company. The Inclusion Project supports 11-25 year olds with special needs. The team runs four youth clubs a week around the Island and a number of exceptional programmes designed to enable development and offer parents valuable respite. Two of the staff from the local companies will attend the cooking initiative to help the young people and Shaun.   The two companies partnered up with The Inclusion Project at the end of 2012. The management team from Voisin and Volaw have chosen to sponsor the Inclusion Project because of their committed support to young people in the Island. Both companies will continue to support the group throughout 2013.   The Inclusion Project members will benefit from a number of activities this year thanks to Voisin and Volaw including a day at Creepy Valley and other activities. After cooking the Double Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Brownies the project members will present the desserts to their mothers.   Shaun Rankin, Proprietor, Ormer restaurant, commented:   ‘I’m looking forward to cooking with the young people. Brownies are always fun to make especially in a large group because everyone can help out. I often make them with my family at home.’   Leana D’orleans, Senior Youth Worker, The Inclusion Project, says:   ‘The Inclusion Project makes such a difference to young people with special needs. We show them that they are not alone and then build on their confidence through different activities. We are so excited about cooking brownies and our young people are really excited about cooking with a celebrity chef. We can’t thank Shaun enough for making this possible and to Voisin and Volaw for their continued support.’