Voisin law firm are encouraging more Channel Island businesses to take part in Financial Planning Week 2009.

Financial Planning Week takes place between 7-13 September and the initiative aims to get the right advice to the public to encourage everyone to take more control over their financial affairs.

The Institute of Financial Planning has issued information to help people become more financially fit. They have also identified the top ten common mistakes that people make with their finances:
1. Not making a Will
2. Thinking short term without appreciating the longer term
3. Using debt to fund lifestyle purchases
4. Assuming that you’ll live forever, never get ill, have an accident or have to take time off work unpaid
5. Thinking that the state will provide you with a pension sufficient to live on in your retirement
6. Investing into areas/assets that you do not understand
7. Thinking that only wealthy people need to plan their finances or get professional advice
8. Not living within your means
9. Not considering the impact of rising prices (inflation) on your finances
10. Not spreading your deposits between different financial institutions to protect against a bank collapse

Voisin law firm is supporting the Financial Planning Week and also extending the initiative by running a free Wills Clinic for the public on 19 September 2009, which will take place at Voisin, Templar House, Don Road, St Helier, from 9.30am-12noon. The Wills & Probate team Janina Porter and Anne Hembry will be giving a presentation on the Will-making process at 9.30am, and will then be available to meet with members of the Public on a one-to-one basis for a free ten minute consultation.

Janina Porter, English Solicitor, Wills & Probate, Voisin, said: ‘Whatever your situation, putting some simple financial plans is the first step towards safeguarding your finances and your family’s future. Voisin will be supporting Financial Planning Week this year and we hope other businesses across the Channel Islands follow our lead. We look forward to welcoming the public to our free Wills Clinics so we can get the right advice to the people who need it.’

Anyone who would like to get involved in Financial Planning Week can email: FPWeek@financialplanning.org.uk

– (ends) – Issued by Abi Nance, OTL Public Relations, Tel: 01534 725521, email: abi@otlmarketing.com