News release 7th July 2009

Preparing Jersey Businesses for the Foundations Law

Voisin lawyers are offering their time for free to local businesses in an effort to educate the market on Jersey’s New Foundations Law, which comes into force on 17th July 2009.

Lawyers Jeremy Berchem and Jeffrey Giovannoni will be visiting offices to give a short presentation to staff and answer questions that they may have on the new law.

Jersey Foundations are an attractive alternative to trusts and companies, particularly to those from civil law jurisdictions, as well as those wishing to retain control over the assets and maintain privacy on such matters as
administration or assets, which need not be divulged to any party – not even the beneficiaries.

Jeremy Berchem, Solicitor, Voisin Law Firm, said:

‘Foundations employ the most useful aspects of companies and trusts to create a very versatile hybrid structure that will augment Jersey's
attractiveness as a high quality international finance centre. It’s very important that we all understand the structure and Voisin are leading the way by going into Jersey businesses, presenting the most up-to-date information, and answering questions staff may have.’

To request a Foundations presentation, please contact head of marketing Georgina Jeffries, Tel: 01534 500441, email:

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